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Testimonials from Clients

"I have been very satisfied with the service I have received from Northwest Trustee & Management Services.  The staff has been terrific!  I appreciate their sincerity – they did everything they said they would do.  As business issues arose, they took care of them immediately to my satisfaction, and I know that they will continue to do so for my family in the future."

Edgar Bassford (Boise, ID)

"We  wish to express our deepest appreciation for your thoughtfulness and thoroughness in handling Helen's financial matters during the past nearly eight years.  Everyone who we had contact with was helpful and always expressed a personal interest in Helen.  We would certainly be remiss in not mentioning the various visits, gifts, and cards that Helen received from Northwest Trustee and its personnel.  In any event, we are thankful  for our relationship and opportunity to have become acquainted with a number of new friends at Northwest Trustee and Management.  We are pleased to have been pointed to your direction."

Bernice and Glenn

"Northwest Trustee & Management Services takes care of all my money matters.  They watch and keep a close eye on what I have and what I will have in the future and they do a good job.  My trust officer cares about me and is always pleasant.  When I call, the staff is always nice and courteous and takes time to visit with me.  They are really on their toes."

Catherine A. Berg (Spokane, WA)

"Just saying thank you for the many kindnesses you gave to Wally isn't quite enough.  I know this is your job to watch over your customers but I didn't expect the personal attention given to him.  I was a bit skeptical about his signing on with your company, but now I thank him profusely.  Thank you for doing all your duties with caring."

Marion Hoefel Munroe (Portola Valley, CA)


"Having Northwest Trustee & Management Services in one's life is like having a trusted member of the family living nearby--unobtrusive, competent and caring, dedicated to your well-being.  I recommend choosing their services when dependability is essential."

Jack Poole (Spokane, WA)


"When my cousin in Spokane passed away, I needed a responsible Personal Representative to handle the probate of her estate. Steve Trefts and his staff came highly recommended from several attorneys, and they did a fine job. They sent me many boxes of personal items and then held an estate sale. They supervised the deferred maintenance and sale of the house. They took a difficult situation and made it much easier by answering my questions in a prompt and courteous manner. I received a clear picture of my cousin's estate and am quite happy with the work they did."

Edward Reed (Fort Collins, CO)

"It is a comfort to have my father's Trust under the care of Northwest Trustee & Management Services.  It has always been a pleasure interacting with Steve Trefts and I look forward to many more years of excellent service his personable and professional staff provides."

May-Lin Thomas (Kennewick, WA)

“I am so glad that Paula through Paul Larson chose your firm.  You have worked diligently and professionally for me through the years...I have been doing exceptionally well...You have given me the opportunity to be me...I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate what you have done for me.”

Dennis Winant (Spokane, WA)


Testimonials from investment advisors

"Over the course of the last year, I've worked with Steve Trefts on managing a Trust's investment allocation.  From the very start, Steve demonstrated exceptional knowledge in both Trust and Portfolio Management.  He spend the time necessary to not only assess the quality of the individual holdings, but also the entire portfolio's ability to meet the long term needs of the trust.  His professionalism, integrity, and experience are unmatched.  I highly recommend Steve and the exceptional staff at Northwest Trustee & Management Services."

Dave Fevergeon, CFP, RFC
Financial Advisor
KMS Financial Services, Inc.
Ellensburg, WA


"It was my great pleasure to deal with Northwest Trust and your people. They were all very personal and professional. We never had communication problems, and your response times were exceptional. …We would not hesitate to use your services in the future and will recommend you to all our future clients with trust needs.” 

Louis J. Gavin
First Vice President
Financial Advisor
Guided Portfolio Manager
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Yakima, WA


The trust services from Northwest Trustee & Management have been an important part of my business at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.  I am always comfortable recommending your services to my clients.  I know they will be treated with great respect and honesty.”

John Nevers, Jr.
Vice President/Wealth Management
Financial Planning Specialist
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Spokane, WA


"Steve Trefts has enjoyed a long and successful career in trust management.  I have appreciated the opportunity to work with him.  Steve is careful with administrative details and enjoys working with people.  He provides valuable services to the community through Northwest Trustee and Management Services." 

Kurt Orton
Executive Vice President
Richards, Merrill & Peterson Stockbrokers
Spokane, WA


I have worked exclusively with Northwest Trustee & Management since starting my Advisory practice in 1996…The depth and breadth of their expertise and knowledge is enough to set them apart, but it is their deep level of personal service which gives me the assurance that my clients’ best interests are truly considered.”

John Schram, CFP®
Registered Principal
LPL Financial
Spokane, WA


Testimonials from Attorneys

“Thank you for the opportunity to share with you, your clients and your prospective clients, my views of what a great service that you provide and offer in the marketplace for trust services and administration. …Northwest Trustee & Management Services covers areas where competent, professional and expertise in trust administrative is necessary.

Not only are you available to provide those services in administration, but your company has always been generous in your time and support to find solutions in difficult, administrative problems in estates and trusts.

I have in the past, presently, and will in the future, always feel comfortable in recommending you and your company to provide services for my clients.”

William E. Davis
Attorney at Law
Leavy Schultz Davis & Fearing, P.S.
Kennewick, WA


"Steve Trefts perceived that there was a niche for a locally based, personal oriented fiduciary service. Mr. Trefts has pulled together other qualified people to assist him in providing quality fiduciary services in a professional manner at a reasonable fee.

…Mr. Trefts provides an independent source for fiduciary services that can compete with any other locally provided service.

I have no qualms in saying that if you or your family has a need for a qualified fiduciary, that you contact Mr. Trefts or his staff to discuss your situation.”

Paul D. Fitzpatrick
Attorney at Law
K & L Gates LLP
Spokane, WA


“While Steve's technical services are outstanding, I have worked with Steve and his staff for several years, and have found their personal attention to the client and their professionals to be unsurpassed.  Northwest Trustee Services offers a personal service that should be utilized in a variety of circumstances in situations that require more than just technical expertise, but requires personal attention to the evolving personal needs of the beneficiary/client.  Because of this, I continually recommend their services to my clients, and have named them as the trustee in my own estate planning.”

Allan Galbraith
Attorney at Law
Davis Arneil Law Firm
Wenatchee, WA


“I have dealt with Northwest Trustee & Management Services for several years now. I am a practicing lawyer with an emphasis on estate planning, trusts and estates. Northwest Trustee & Management Services, under the guidance of Stephen Trefts, its president, has done a wonderful job for several of my clients. They have not only managed funds well, but have been involved with a few stressful family situations and were able to balance the needs of family members and the importance of the integrity of the trust. Additionally, they have been involved with managing funds for guardianships and have also performed these services well.”

Paul M. Larson
Attorney at Law
Larson Berg & Perkins PLLC
Yakima, WA


“I have had the opportunity to work with Northwest Trustee & Management Services on several occasions. I have found Stephen Trefts and his excellent staff to be professional, responsive and efficient with challenging situations. My clients have greatly benefited from their experience, professionalism and expertise.”

J. Patrick Shirey
Attorney at Law
Lyon, Weigand & Gustafson
Yakima, WA


“It has been a pleasure working with you over the past few years…to coordinate the estate planning needs of my clients. Your willingness to meet with them on a one-to-one basis and the personal attention you put toward each client is greatly appreciated and valued.”

Donald B. Stancik
Attorney at Law
Kennewick, WA


“…Northwest Trustee & Management Services…is local, has people to whom you can actually talk and who care about their beneficiaries, is very responsive and provides financial reporting that is understandable. Most important, while Northwest does a fine job on large trusts, it is willing to act as a fiduciary for modest estates that the larger corporate fiduciaries will not take.”

George F. Velikanje
Attorney at Law
Stokes, Lawrence, Velikanje, Moore & Shore
Yakima, WA