Your needs are our foremost concern and do not take second place after other professional or personal duties. Our depth and breadth of experience means:

  • We are able to add value to your professional advisors and attorneys on how to hire an independent trustee.
  • You benefit from our acquired wisdom on the most beneficial way to manage your trust or estate for the years to come.
  • We have a depth of experience in managing both complicated asset-mixes and sensitive family situations.



Unlike many other trust and estate service providers we specialize in working with external professional advisors.

  • Choosing us does not mean losing the team you have spent a lifetime building. We can work closely with your existing team of advisors and attorneys to tailor our services to your individual needs. This means you can enjoy both continuity of service and peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of your trust or estate will be managed optimally.
  • Still looking for the perfect fit? We can help. Choosing an investment advisor or attorney who will best suit your needs can be tricky. We are happy to work with you to recommend a team that is right for you.
  • We do not act as your attorney and we do not practice law or provide legal related services to our clients.



  • We understand that people are complex and there is a dynamic nature to life. That is why we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to trust management. Instead we take the time to get to know you and your beneficiaries personally. That way when the unforeseen arises, and people do not behave as you would expect, you can count on our team to bring clarity and peace of mind as we create solutions together.
  • Your people will always be our people. We are in this with your family for life. No matter the situation, beneficiaries will always be treated with dignity and compassion.



Integrity is the driving force behind all of our decisions. We take active measures to always be transparent and make the best decisions for you and your beneficiaries. These measures include:

  • An intentional distance between us and the management of your investments. We do not ‘custody assets’. Instead, we work with an independent advisor to manage your investments and review performance closely. We believe this helps reduce any potential conflict of interest.
  • A team-approach to decision making. Not all discretionary decisions are clear-cut. At Northwest Trustee & Management Services no Trust Officer works in isolation. Our decisions are weighed and measured as a team to always ensure the best outcome for you.
  • Accountability to multiple regulatory bodies and timely reporting to all beneficiaries.

“I have worked exclusively with Northwest Trustee & Management since starting my Advisory practice in 1996…The depth and breadth of their expertise and knowledge is enough to set them apart, but it is their deep level of personal service which gives me the assurance that my clients’ best interests are truly considered.”

John Schram, CFP®
Registered Principal
LPL Financial
Spokane, WA