Guardianship of the Estate

Idaho, Oregon and Alaska


In the unfortunate situation where an individual requires a guardian of the estate, we work closely with the client and their family, providing professional, attentive and compassionate services.  These situations require the utmost care as we work with the family to ensure that the estate is used to give our client the highest quality of life possible. Northwest Trustee & Management Services often takes on the role of ‘guardian of the estate’, also known as ‘conservator’ in Idaho, Oregon and Alaska.


What we do as guardian of the estate

We work directly with the guardian of the person to provide quality medical care and housing.  This often involves hiring and monitoring caregivers, providing specialty mobility equipment, and providing education services.  If this becomes impractical, we will work with the person’s family and the court to place the person in a care facility.

Duties as guardian of the estate include:

  • Developing investment objectives that will provide financial support.  This is done in collaboration with the ward’s caregivers and advisors to ensure the financial support meets their specific needs.
  • Holding, managing and safeguarding assets.  We work closely with an independent investment advisor, diligently monitoring all investments made on the ward’s behalf. This ensures impartial, objective and effective management.  We will also manage any farms, commercial property, and real estate.  Find out more about how we manage assets
  • Completing all administration associated with the guardianship.  This includes financial reporting, court reporting, and seeking the court's approval for any activities conducted on behalf of the individual when required.  Find out more about our reporting.

"Northwest Trustee & Management Services...have not only managed funds well, but have been involved with a few stressful family situations and were able to balance the needs of family members and the importance of the integrity of the trust."

Paul M. Larson
Attorney at Law
Larson Berg & Perkins PLLC
Yakima, WA