Settling a will can be a complicated, time-consuming, and emotional process. When a family member is named as executor it can be an additional burden during a time of grief. Naming Northwest Trustee & Management Services as professional executor can make this process smoother, reducing the stress on your loved ones. As an impartial moderator we help settle family disputes and ensure your will is executed to the letter, providing you with peace of mind.



At Northwest Trustee & Management Services we understand the personal and sensitive nature of the estate settlement process and always strive to provide our services with compassion, dignity and professionalism. Our technical expertise, team-approach and fiduciary background means we are able to be named by your attorney as an executor. If we serve as an executor (also called a Personal Representative) we manage every aspect of your estate settlement. This includes retaining an attorney to represent the estate, completing any pending lawsuits and managing and disposing of complex business assets.



  • Complete all administration required by law during the estate settlement process, including admitting the will to probate and providing detailed income and expense accountings to the heirs
  • Collect, inventory, and value assets
  • Safeguard all personal property and real estate during the probate period
  • Determine and pay legitimate creditor claims and expenses associated with the ongoing administration of the estate
  • Value, manage and dispose of complex business assets, including overseeing the transition of the business to heirs in accordance with the decedent’s wishes.
  • Complete final state and federal tax returns, including personal and estate income tax
  • Distribute all personal property or hold an estate sale in accordance with the decedent's written directions.

"When my cousin in Spokane passed away, I needed a responsible Personal Representative to handle the probate of her estate. Steve Trefts and his staff came highly recommended from several attorneys, and they did a fine job. They sent me many boxes of personal items and then held an estate sale. They supervised the deferred maintenance and sale of the house. They took a difficult situation and made it much easier by answering my questions in a prompt and courteous manner. I received a clear picture of my cousin's estate and am quite happy with the work they did."

Edward Reed (Fort Collins, CO)