Some aspects of trust management are fun, like signing the birthday checks for the grandchildren. Others – like paying taxes – are not. When you choose us as your managing agent you stay in control of what you want. We take care of the rest.



Managing a trust is not an easy job. It requires a multitude of administrative tasks, including accurate record-keeping and reporting, tracking investments, paying expenses and more. We know how difficult it can be to manage these tasks around your everyday life.

When you retain Northwest Trustee & Management Services as your agent we take care of these, freeing you to get on with the things you enjoy.



An agency agreement is a simple document prepared and/or reviewed by your attorney, in which you retain control and ownership of your property, and we are hired, as your agent, for the completion of specific duties. In this more informal arrangement you get the benefits of professional trust management, including expert advice, while still remaining in control. You choose the level of involvement we have and determine which tasks we perform. This type of arrangement often involves a lower administration fee when compared with a trust.



  • Meet with the principal or co-trustee to clarify duties and responsibilities.
  • Collect income and pay expenses.
  • Provide regular reports, including income and expense accounting.
  • File trust and personal tax returns.
  • Provide fiduciary advice.
  • Safeguard all real estate. This includes conducting inspections and managing insurances.

"Northwest Trustee & Management Services takes care of all my money matters. They watch and keep a close eye on what I have and what I will have in the future and they do a good job. My trust officer cares about me and is always pleasant. When I call, the staff is always nice and courteous and takes time to visit with me. They are really on their toes."

Catherine A. Berg (Spokane, WA)