Tom and Lenore

"...Regarding their planning," Lenore stated pragmatically, “If you don’t admit what is, you are foolish. As you get older, you are not as quick as you used to be.”  Tom added that he wanted to be sure they could not be “conned out of their assets” in their later years.  Their good planning paid off sooner than anticipated"....

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"When Laura was six years old, her life was unalterably changed by an automobile accident that claimed the life of her young mother, Maria. Laura remembers her as a woman devoted to teaching her young daughters. Maria’s legacy has continued..."

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"A widow of moderate means, Marjorie realized she had no one to supervise her financial and physical well-being if she became incapacitated. She wisely established a living trust as a means of ensuring quality care in her later years"...

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Lowell and Geraldine

"...Lowell was a “self made man” and an astute investor. From his perspective, becoming incapacitated was out of the question.  His main concern was that his wife, Geraldine, would not be able to manage their considerable investments if he should predecease her..."

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